Chris Long

Top Signs You May Need a New Heating System

2/15/18 10:30 AM Chris Long

Some breakdowns are worse than others.

If you had to choose a time for your car to malfunction, you’d probably pick “In my driveway” and not “On the highway.”

The same thing is true when it comes to installing a new heating system: it’s something you’d want to do by choice, and not because your furnace died in the middle of February.

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Troubleshooting Noisy Furnace Ducts

2/8/18 10:30 AM Chris Long

"Did you hear that?"

"What was that sound?"

"Was that the furnace?"

How often do you ask those questions in your home? Living with furnace ductwork can mean living with all sorts of sounds, some benign, some signs of that it’s time for to call a heating service professional.

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How Much Does It Cost to Install a Ductless Mini Split System?

2/1/18 10:30 AM Chris Long

We've written before about the benefits of a ductless mini split heating and cooling system, which offer homeowners better air quality, energy savings and a reduced carbon footprint.

But what does it cost to install a ductless mini split system in Doylestown, PA?

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Understanding HVAC System Efficiency Ratings Before You Buy

1/25/18 10:30 AM Chris Long

Shopping for a new HVAC system can often mean navigating your way through a jungle of unfamiliar acronyms and abbreviations.


If all this sounds like a foreign tongue, don’t worry. We’ve written this week’s blog post to help you understand the different HVAC system efficiency ratings before you buy.

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New High-End HVAC Systems Save Energy!

1/18/18 10:30 AM Chris Long

There’s a rule in writing that you shouldn’t overuse exclamation points. As F. Scott Fitzgerald put it, it’s “like laughing at your own joke.”

But we felt compelled to use one in the title of this week’s blog post because we want to drive home the importance of having a high-end HVAC system.

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Selling Your Home? Here's Why You Should Replace Your HVAC System

1/11/18 10:30 AM Chris Long

Selling your home means asking a lot of questions.

There are the really big questions, like "How much can I expect to get for my home?" or "Do I need to work with a real estate agent?" or "Is this the right time to sell?"

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Common Mistakes Consumers Make When Buying A Heating System


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