New High-End HVAC Systems Save Energy!

1/18/18 10:30 AM Chris Long

There’s a rule in writing that you shouldn’t overuse exclamation points. As F. Scott Fitzgerald put it, it’s “like laughing at your own joke.”

But we felt compelled to use one in the title of this week’s blog post because we want to drive home the importance of having a high-end HVAC system.

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Selling Your Home? Here's Why You Should Replace Your HVAC System

1/11/18 10:30 AM Chris Long

Selling your home means asking a lot of questions.

There are the really big questions, like "How much can I expect to get for my home?" or "Do I need to work with a real estate agent?" or "Is this the right time to sell?"

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Thinking About Refinishing Your Basement? Is Your HVAC System Ready?

1/4/18 10:30 AM Chris Long

What are you doing with your basement in Bucks County?

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Want a Lower Heating Bill? Update with Nexia Home Automation.

12/28/17 10:30 AM Chris Long

Heating your home in winter can be tricky.

Set your thermostat too low, and you come home to an icebox. Too high, it feels like a sauna. It’s an uncomfortable situation, and one that only gets worse when you open your heating bill.

This is where American Standard thermostats can help.

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Top Problems with a Furnace During Winter

12/21/17 10:30 AM Chris Long

Tell us if this sounds familiar: It’s late November, and you still haven’t turned on your gas furnace.

Instead, you decide to bundle up at home in Bucks County. You burrow under blankets and wear your thickest sweater, and maybe invest in a space heater.

And while we understand the temptation to put off running your heater for as long as possible, this way of doing things can backfire.

You might turn on your furnace for the season and discover any number of heating unit issues that are keeping your home from being its warmest. Let’s look at some common problems with a furnace during the winter.

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Preventive HVAC Maintenance Can Have Energy-Saving Benefits

12/14/17 10:30 AM Chris Long

How often does an HVAC technician visit your home?

If you said, “Whenever something goes wrong,” it’s time to rethink things. By scheduling regular preventive HVAC maintenance, you can make sure your system runs as efficiently as possible and reap some energy saving benefits.

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Common Mistakes Consumers Make When Buying A Heating System


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